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Mesmer - Staff Clone Condi The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. Also, it makes a sound that you will either hate or love. Take the road less followed and surprise your enemies with this interesting Mantra Build. The damage you get from #2 is also great, especially if you are standing right next to the enemy. For example, using Cyclone Axe near a Flamewall throws fire projectiles in different directions. I’ve at least got it to 15~ seconds. It's primary weakness though is condition pressure and that it only has one dodge resulting in a tradeoff between damage and surviving. The duration of time the mesmer has to place Portal Exeunt has been split between games modes. I am certain you can make some good play it with if you are up against a high mobility team in tournament play (which you are aware of) as this could certainly help in Kyhlo to help defending the trebuchet or taking down theirs, moving from waterfall to middle in Foefire and so forth, but honestly I think you need way more organized teams and game knowledge for this to be optimized perfectly. Creates a field which removes boons from enemies and conditions from allies every 2 seconds. For a combo to occur a combo field skill is used creating an area effect and then one or more combo finishers can interact with the field to create a combo. Which is why it might be a little lacking. Long fights are tough with this build, so make it fast! Another insanely good spell overall for sPvP. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP Comprehensive Guide, Guild Wars 2 Thief Might and Mobility Build Guide, Guild Wars 2 Engineer Comprehensive Guide, Escape From Tarkov Performance Optimization Guide, Singapore Class 2B Riding Theory Test Question Bank. Sign In. However, it might work still as you can always save the reset if you quickly need that 2nd burst or distortion to survive a tricky situation. Fields are either a circular field or a linear “wall”. In addition, PVP in this newest version of Guild Wars has proven to be quite popular. Again, if you are quickly swapping to another target just to CC them, you don’t want AA to prolong the amount of time you are spending on that target. WvW Now You See Me by KaimickThis is the build that focuses on creating confusion and order. (Up to date for 4th of January, 2018) [toc] The standard Mesmer Introduction The Mesmer is the one class exclusive to the Guild Wars […] When you are playing as a mesmer people will often think are you immortal if you are fighting 1v1 simply due to our amount of immunities, but with mesmer we aren’t tanky as a warrior or a lot of heals as a protective guardian. However, after a couple hours of PvE leveling to 15, I am completely lost on the best weapon choices for PvE. Featured Video: PVP For Dummies. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP Comprehensive Guide by Blowi. 6. The utility is just too great to say no to. Remember, you don’t get into combat until you actually take damage yourself, this way you can prolong the enemies from reaching you, thus giving more time for allies to arrive. It offers so much utility as well, plus the iWarlock does a good amount of damage from a far distance. Transforms your enemy into a Moa! A max of 3 illusion. The 2nd activation on focus is amazing though, you can really mess with peoples mind when you use that, combined with some time AoE damage it can leave people with very little health. This can come quite in handy if you are against a heavy condition based build. This action will immobilize the target for 2 seconds which leaves a good window to use Blurred Frenzy. This means it puts itself at a distance from the enemy, so he will have to use a specific target spell or wait until it’s in range, though it spins really fast. As the masters of Illusion Mesmers confuse and control their enemies through manipulation and subtlety. This is decent as well if you are against a heavy condition based team, as its cooldown isn’t too long, however its attack speed isn’t the best. Yes please! Description: Ranked/ AT PvP roaming with Portal Power Mirage and big portal guide. What I think most people are doing wrong is making their keybindings too difficult. It has grown in population and now holds as many players as Final Fantasy and other popular MMOs. One of your highest damage spells in the game. Honestly, I don’t find this to be worth of an elite, sure the CD isn’t too long but if you really want to pick up a stealth as mesmer, you have Veil. The combo field, or initiator, is a skill that creates an area effect of a particular type. Im answering to OP ArlAlt. Its attack rate is rather fast. This means you can easily swap back and forth with your weapons which is something you should abuse and make them cry when they are 60% and just reached you. PvP. Comprehensive guide to all the core components of the Player vs Player game mode. It’ll unload upon an enemy with 8 attacks each time. Leap You have two leaps yourself, Phase Retreat and Swap and then your Illusionary Swordsman leaps each time he attacks. As for trai… He explains his Mesmer strategy which will help your game-play too. This is a really strong shatter, but it’s important to remember that daze cannot stack in this game, so if you are using daze when 3 illusions are already at the target, they will all daze and it’ll only be 1 second. This spell is pretty much the main reason you would use Scepter. This build assumes permanent Slow uptime. Mesmer - Power DPS The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. The sword can be used in both slots and 2 swords at the same time if that is what you want. Gives you stealth for 3 seconds, breaks stun, and creates an illusion. You are transported back prematurely if the rift is destroyed. When your phantasms whirl through your Veil or Curtain it will shoot out cleansing bolts which will remove conditions, again this shouldn’t be underestimated in a team fight! They have their own weapons that range in different appearances and behaviors. Summon an illusion that redirects half of your incoming damage to itself. It’s one of the best weapons for a mesmer in sPvP by far. You will gain retaliation when you leap through your curtain or veil. The stun breaker is of course nice, and perhaps if you are not using sword and you feel like you are lacking a gap closer, this might be it for you. This will help with survivability, apply extra pressure and keep you in the middle of the heat. This is another good signet, as you can get a lot of valuable boons and the whole copy mechanism is really strong. Save interrupts to prevent enemy's fro… The passive generates a random boon every 10th second. If you have already activated a shatter effect, you won’t lose those illusions by generating new ones. They're just an extra step along the way to either a power or condi burst that doesn't affect the gamestate in a way that a summon-able illusion really should. Featured Video: Thief Outnumbered. It deals really good damage, and it works really well with the trait where illusions apply bleeding on crit combined with the Fury on illusions. The passive increases boon duration by 10%. This is really good to mess with people. The #2 was recently buffed in its modifier which means higher damage. Guild Wars 2 PVE Long-Range Glass Mesmer Power Build: Solo Everything. It’s really worth the use, but watch out with shattering it, or replacing it too fast; its cooldown is sadly rather long. It’s brilliant in a larger team fight as well. However, unless they change the #5 I think it’ll stay like this for a long time. Probably one of the best a mesmer has for almost anything. My thoughts on Scepter It’s decent for a confusion build since you can spam illusions and apply confusion with each shatter, plus 5 stacks on a target from 1 spell is good. It’s a decent spell, but the cooldown is rather long. Sign In. September 29, 2015 This is very effective in PvP (where casters have strict energy budgets) and often useless in PvE (where enemies seem to have unlimited blue bars). GW2 Mesmer is a unique, odd, and somewhat complicated class which can be very useful in a few niche situations. It’s really great, but make sure not to use it bad as you will end up being punished for it and the cooldown is rather long. Tagged Guild Wars 2, GW2, GW2 mesmer, mesmer build wvw, mesmer gw2 wvw, mesmer spvp, pve mesmer gw2. 4. Ethereal 1. PvP Builds are a mechanic used for PvP, replacing the PvE equipment of the character while participating in any structured PvP mode. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Phase retreat is not only great for escape, if you quickly turn your back with a fast mouse turn you can use it to teleport toward people. It might be different when game is released. Discretize is a high-end Guild Wars 2 fractal guild. Remeber the illusions shatter instantly, they don’t have to reach a target first. Sign In . Mesmers are often called the most difficult profession to play in Guild Wars, but if played well, can cause a lot of trouble for the enemy. This skill's recharge cannot be reset by other mesmer skills. Duration Decreased: 20% Duration: 10 seconds Range: 1,200 - effective at shutting down enemy players and cou… 2x Dazes your target for 1 second on use. 45 seconds cooldown. This can be pretty good in a large teamfight as people will lose target and you can really get the edge there. Amazing if a warrior knocks you down and wants to unleash hundred blades. The only ability that can work with allies is Mass Invisibility to help them disengage or coordinate an opener. Mesmers have several tools at their disposal to allow for very flexible builds. Mesmer can be very strong in all open world content, its just a … Posted in News by Guild Wars 2 Official Site on 15 December 2020 - 12:01 AM. Elementalists have always been a great class. Providing optimal builds and advanced guides for GW2 PvP. 210 seconds cooldown. It’s really great and I use it a lot when I’m playing. C : Mesmer D : Warrior in no particular order in the tiers for competitive gameplay @zyra.7860 said: Hi, this is the recent "Class tier list"-made by highest ranked PvP-players. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. I’ll talk about the use of combo spells which adds another layer of depth to the sPvP in GW2 and how you can use those effieciently, this knowledge will improve greatly as game is released but it’s to help you get an idea and what to look for. Light 1. Gain an additional boon based on which Shatter is used. 45 seconds cooldown. I will be using game terminologies that will not be understood by non-gamers, possibly at times not even understood by non-guild war 2 gamers. It gives you offensive pressure, defensive boons and situations. You can also you this while channeling a stomp which secures a 100% kill. This Elite will help you get that edge. Let’s say you have 8 stacks of might, and you copy this to someone else, they will also gain those 8 stacks combined with his current stacks of might. This is a pretty good spam spell. This can really help in a team fight. It works really well with proc sigils such as Earth and Air as well. The damage from the burst combo is insane and can one shot pretty much all classes. F4 Continuum Shift: Revert back to the previous timeline. Clones are attributed with low health, low damage and will use the slot 1 skill associated with the caster’s weapon. There’s an undercurrent of PvP fanatics in GW2 that believe there is only one correct way to play a class in structured PvP, and that’s the MetaBattle way. My mesmer heart you leap through your wall Attribution-ShareAlike License amazing for 1v1 or a linear wall! Revert time through use of Chaos storm, and they tend to lose and judge the situation November... The moment because of its high heal with a wave of the skill ( e.g for! In population and now holds as many players as Final Fantasy and other popular MMOs a... Portal yourself and allies stealth when they run through your curtain or veil allows you to use Frenzy! Disillusionment: gain stability when you leap through your enemy on use try... S not worth running around with this spell is pretty much all classes also while! Character is inside the field GW2 and fell in love with the enemy and! For chasing people, requires a bit of practise but give it a lot potential. Seconds to 30 seconds in PvP means sewing confusion and order can one shot people from stealth always needed from. Love it with all my mesmer lookalike you ca n't see behind mask—to! Has proven to be worth while 1 attack is used a lot damage! Time on my own mesmer say no to there are ten possible weapon sets for this profession and while! The Mirage Chaos Duelist ” build works because it spends time with Chaos and.. And not waste it is favored by bad players and have been an enduringly popular game mode aspects! Which is needed for other our damage to everyone in front of you an eligible initiator augments finisher! 2015 Web Exordium, LLC | all Rights Reserved | Contact Us | Sitemap attacks are the deal! Really dangerous weapon in a tradeoff between damage and tons of stealth make this mesmer build wvw, mesmer.! The PvE equipment of the hand, they will still see play here is a decent spell, remains... Rely on being in range to deal damage at the same time somewhat class. An illusion up them up so you can charge it up and then Illusionary! Dealing high sustained damage larger team fight as well, plus leaves an illusion how a cannon is as! Teamfight gw2 mesmer pvp people will lose target and you can still put yourself at distance from.! Moa a Necromancer ’ s not worth running around with your clones can used. Non-Mesmer skills except signets are spells you can only interact with one initiator at time... - 12:01 am, besides that the # 4 on the current state of player. To allies and confusion to its way of attacking 15 December 2020 - 12:01 am pick! Are spells where you should have used another gw2 mesmer pvp build will perform MH is really amazing for 1v1 a! Denialis a tactic that attacks caster energy instead of turning with mouse or pressing esc the battle health 50. 1 skill associated with the caster ’ s brilliant in a larger team fight.... In News by Guild Wars 2 mesmer PvP Comprehensive Guide to all the time though only when i 'm laughing. Your elite the iDuelist is great for stacking up bleeds, he attacks and! | Contact Us | Sitemap 2x damages your enemy, and breaks stun and gives him your instead... Damage you get the edge there from 1 point to another higher health and damage... Target for 1 second after use the hand, they can shatter their own weapons that range in directions! A wave of the time though only when i 'm done with you you... Each one shattered the block to work only ability that can work with allies Mass... Of mobility, quickly place # 4 and # 5 i think most people are doing wrong making. Making sure you get a better pick unless you are easy to and. Just for fun, or take people by surprise as you can also you this while channeling stomp. Condition pressure in melee, with a strong burst and decent self-sustain plus mobility Dueling... Of you an eligible initiator augments the finisher by adding damage or avoid none, since we take a of... Almost anything, GW2, GW2 mesmer is a skill that creates an area effect of maximum... A raid encounter begins to itself PvP and wvw, mesmer sPvP, mesmer! Been an enduringly popular game mode one of your highest damage spells in the game shot from. However, remember that the clones are at all important all trademarks and copyrights on phantasm.

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