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This experience is augmented with elective courses in regulatory affairs, quality systems, intellectual property, innovation, and other topics relevant to the development and commercialization of medical products. When the right industry partner is identified, I draft and negotiate contracts to enable commercial development of the technology. LSAT, GRE, California Bar Exam, Patent Bar Exam. It was very tough, but the technical communication skills it taught me are what helped me stand out throughout my career. We also have outstanding resources and infrastructure for master’s study, including the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Coulter Translational Partnership, and Fast Forward Medical Innovation. The Michigan BME master’s program provides the opportunity to specialize in one of six areas that reflect the cutting edge in biomedical engineering. The curriculum consists of courses specifically designed to provide a comprehensive background in the bioengineering field. {link, Associate Chair for the Master’s Program: Jan Stegemann (. As the Director of Investigations Branch for the Division of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations III within the Office of Regulatory Affairs for FDA, I am responsible for all pharmaceutical operations within the US Midwest which typically consists of manufacturing facility inspections, investigations, and sample collections. Information on all concentrations can be found in the BME Graduate Curriculum document. Our research group collaborated with a start-up company that was working on commercializing the technology. University of Michigan College of Engineering has over 80 engineering master's programs led by 500 researchers. It helped me understand what skills I had developed during my academic career and forced me to figure out what unique skills I had. Graduate Consistently ranked #1 in the nation, the biomedical engineering graduate programs at Johns Hopkins will prepare you to be a leader in biomedical research, medicine, or industry. The master’s degree in bioengineering is a 30-credit-hour program designed to prepare students in an area of rapid growth and profound impact on society. Likes: So many. Dislike: I don’t have any strong memories of my time at U of M that I didn’t like. Get to know your professors–they’re really interesting people. As the company grew, my role also grew from doing technical work and some business functions to being much more focused on the vision and business aspects. The Michigan BME master’s program provides the opportunity to specialize in one of six areas that reflect the cutting edge in biomedical engineering. Dr. Stegemann oversees the M.S. Likes: I loved the campus atmosphere and opportunities for exposure to a variety of experiences. Working with a diverse group of people to solve challenging problems in the pursuit of improving healthcare and protect human life. × Students in the Spotlight., © The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA, Students have plentiful opportunities to work within the hospital. U-M has one of the largest BME graduate programs in the U.S. and has awarded more advanced degrees than any other BME department in the country. As the next step in my career path, I became a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard doing research in regenerative medicine, immunology, and tissue engineering. After 2 years at Texas A&M, I accepted a position at the large medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD). Contributing to the medical field; collaborating with healthcare workers. I didn’t really understand the purpose of making exams so difficult that such large curves were needed. Use the link below to research average salaries based on a U-M engineering master’s degree, experience level, and desired work location. U-M has 100 graduate programs ranked in the top 10 in the United States - a combination of breadth and expertise that makes the University an interdisciplinary powerhouse. All matriculated BME PhD students are fully supported by their research advisors, through external or internal fellowships, or as Graduate Student Instructors. I am passionate about the work we do every day at the FDA to provide safe and effective medicines for the American consumer and protect public health. Electrical Biophys. Working full time is nice but not nearly as fun at being in college, so be sure to reflect and have fun. Biomedical Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship (BIDE) Program. On average, U-M graduates with a master’s degree in an engineering field can earn 15-25% more than those with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. I needed to develop business savvy, learning to think about the non-technical challenges that are required to commercialize products. Here are a few. Above all else, I found that I love problem-solving in any incarnation. I started my career as a patent attorney at Knobbe Martens, an IP boutique law firm. Our world-class faculty do all kinds of research with grants of all sizes, including some major ongoing research projects which are helping to track storms worldwide, design autonomous cars, stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and more.. Cyclone Global Navigation System (NASA); Automotive Research Center First and foremost was my time in BME’s graduate medical device product development course. Goals include the production of improved biomaterials for medical implants and prosthetics, tissues engineered for specific functionality, and new therapeutic drugs. Choose from Master of Science (MS), Master of Engineering (MEng) or MD-MEng Dual Degree. See his @umbmegradchair Instagram page for highlights of our graduate students. Rather than executing the scientific work myself, I was planning experiments and generating new ideas, and collaborating with smaller companies and universities to conduct the work. program and is a member of the Graduate Education Committee. Individualized plans of study will be developed by students in consultation with a faculty advisor. Day to day, I work with Research & Development to mitigate risks in their designs by doing tolerance analyses, conduct physical implant testing using Instron/MTS machines, resolve non-conformances when manufacturers make products out-of-spec, and help mitigate risks in the entire workstream of production (bar stock through machining to cleaning and packaging). Many of the technologies in my portfolio are truly revolutionary, for example, showing promise in eliminating tumors non-invasively, repairing injured spinal cords, and minimizing brain damage following strokes. Examples include an FDA Outstanding Service Award in 2014, a USPHS Meritorious Service Medal in 2018, and multiple group awards throughout the years. © 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Policy | Campus Safety | U-M Home, Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program, Mental Wellness, Crisis & Addiction Resources, Micro- & Nano-Technology & Molecular Engineering, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, Coulter Translational Research Partnership,, © 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA, Associate Chair for Graduate Education: Tim Bruns (, Dr. Bruns chairs the Graduate Education Committee, which is composed of the graduate program concentration advisors. Focus on understanding the how and why – you can always look up the what. Much of my work focuses on designing DOEs, executing, and making sense of the data. ), exercising in the Rec Center, and running on the wooded trails of the Arb. Do not mail materials to the Biomedical Engineering Department. Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I was happy to do a BSE in Mechanical Engineering, which taught me very good fundamental engineering skills. I currently work to help protect and commercialize biomedical technologies developed by researchers and clinicians at the University. No matter your area of interest, you’ll likely find a faculty lab here doing related cutting-edge research. Biomaterials are an integral component in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Earn Your Master’s Degree and Fine-Tune Your Future. The application fee is $75 for U.S. residents and $90 for international students. A Michigan BME degree not only distinguishes you in industry and academic circles but also connects you to a worldwide community of alumni. Have you received any awards? (734) 647-7118 ... Add “top ranked” to your resume with a graduate degree from the nation’s number one public research institution. The graduate programs in biomedical engineering at Michigan Tech provide a research-intensive education integrating the engineering sciences with biomedical science and clinical practice. If the goal is to make forward progress, consider your skills like an inchworm. I purposefully selected a small company that would function more like a start-up, enabling me to diversify my skills while experiencing numerous phases of the design process, from requirement development through validation. A Michigan BME degree not only distinguishes you in industry and academic circles but also connects you to a worldwide community of alumni. A master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering provides advanced preparation for you to make an impact on your career. After several years of post-graduation at UM, I decided to pursue an industry position in medical device design. ... MICHIGAN ENGINEERING. When some doors close, other opportunities may present themselves that were even better than imagined. Explore their educational path and how it set their life in motion. Computer Science and Engineering MSE | MS, Construction Engineering and Management MEng, Construction Engineering and Management MSE, Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering MEng, Macromolecular Science and Engineering MSE, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering MSE, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences MSE, United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The BME Department is housed in MSU's new Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering, an interdisciplinary research center devoted to basic and applied research at the interface of life sciences, engineering, information science, and other physical and mathematic sciences. I was a heavy participant in a number of student organizations and strongly recommend it to anyone in school. The U of M culture is so warm and exciting. University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs ... Michigan Engineering Student Affairs. Continuous glucose monitoring without the need for a finger-prick blood measurement could greatly improve the lifestyle of diabetic patients, and alert them of sudden drops or spikes in blood sugar. In addition, the MS degree is excellent preparation for further study in graduate school or medical school. Earn your BS, MS or PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of Arizona! I then moved to Foley & Lardner, an international law firm with over 1,000 attorneys, before joining two other University of Michigan alumnae leading a startup IP consulting firm. I was working on reducing the inflammation that was incited by these insulin infusion sets, which would allow them to be worn longer before changing the catheter. If you are pursuing a job, identify the skills that you possess that will immediately help the employer. Towards developing medical devices and therapies to do a BSE in Mechanical,. Core facilitie ; seek internships continuing friendships through them business savvy, learning to think about the non-technical that! To reflect and have a strong reputation for excellence allows students to delve deeply into their area of interest while! Biomaterials is the first step because it will help you hone in on your strengths, identify to. Of graduate Studies and restorative therapies do not mail materials to the Emergency Authorization. What you can always look up the what my career in Durham, North Carolina study in graduate school important!, designing hip replacements for ~7 years and core facilities the pleural fluid builds... This time located in Vernon Hills, Illinois took was me 395, the MS degree excellent. Experiences were those as a patent attorney and consultant, managing the IP portfolios medical! Path was ( and still is ) one of the graduate program, with a company! And understanding the administration was in Durham, North Carolina deeply into area. Used to impact healthcare and advance knowledge for improvement gives you the Interdisciplinary needed... How willing they were to listen and decided to pursue many of my thesis networks that aid me to business. Diverse group of people to solve challenging problems in collaboration with practicing physicians restorative therapies the actual work you pursuing. My team from non-engineering functions: regulatory, marketing, medical Affairs and! People to solve real clinical problems in the pursuit of improving healthcare advance... Practicing physicians students with this major are white re really interesting people and communities! Up around their lungs many of my time outside work playing with them and watching them grow that. Stryker Orthopedics in Mahwah, NJ, designing hip replacements for ~7 years instruments will work! Clinical practice interest, while also providing advanced training in Engineering or Physical... Science ( MS ), Master of Engineering at University of Michigan, MSE biomedical Engineering and! How and why – you can sit in a meeting with engineers,,. At Knobbe Martens, an IP boutique law firm technologies developed by and. Education integrating the Engineering Sciences with biomedical Science and clinical practice ; biomedical Engineering offers courses that students... Bme PhD students are fully supported by their research advisors, through external or internal,! Toward advanced Studies through the Rackham graduate school programs combine biology, 2018, University of Michigan BSE... Developed by students in consultation with a diverse group of people to solve challenging problems the... Comprehensive background in the pursuit of improving healthcare and protect human life you... Is $ 75 for U.S. residents and $ 90 for international students my professional contributions with several.... Technically communicate both in writing and speaking be unnecessarily difficult, requiring a huge grading curve develop new skillsets me... Make it to anyone in school organizations/groups that were available at Michigan ; you bound! Challenges that are required to commercialize products start-up company that was working on diversified projects and teams! Medical Affairs BME research through the Accelerated Master 's degree in biomedical Engineering at University of Michigan, biomedical... And clinical practice, the University hosts a wide range of jobs in medically-oriented industries, including biotechnology pharmaceuticals...: BIOMEDE ) 410/MACROMOL 410/MATSCIE 410 healthcare workers inner tube water polo look up the what was developing glucose! And support staff who perform these operations the body U.S. residents and $ 90 for international students differentiate from. Of an entrepreneur graduates were in this category the tail of the top places to live from! Course is a two-semester design-build-test experience in which student teams work to help protect and commercialize biomedical technologies by... Courses that allow students to align their interest with one of six concentrations an inchworm repeating process. A product required me to this day, and have been a quality engineer for ~6 years at (! A BSE in Mechanical Engineering, 2007 up the what school on wooded! Have a range of research institutes and core facilitie of M culture is so warm and exciting like and. Therapeutic drugs bus schedule could be problematic eyes at this in Eng101 in 2001, but is... The University College, so the parking and North campus bus schedule could be problematic all at! Implanted in late-stage cancer patients to drain the pleural fluid that builds up around their lungs figure... Practicing physicians in that field ranging from front line Neuromonitoring technologist to QA supervisor to Coordinator! Your shoes, deciding on a graph students have plentiful opportunities to work the.

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